Frequently Asked Questions

Edu Activity App

How do I remain an Active Innovator?

Log into the EduActivity App every six months and report an activity.


How are Google for Education Certified Innovators selected?

A panel of current Google for Education Certified Innovators look for these critical components through hundreds of qualified applications each round: - Demonstrated experience leading professional development - Ability to impact a large number of educators - Demonstrated innovative use of technology in school settings - A desire to collaborate with like-minded educators - A passion for teaching and learning - The ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems; “Do-ers” - A personal spark and a passion for innovation

How do I apply to the Google Certified Innovator Academy?

You can apply online here.

What exams must I take before applying to become a Certified Innovator?

You must pass the Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam before applying to become a Certified Innovator. Please check the expiration date of your certification.

What are the costs involved to attend the Innovation Academy?

The Google for Education Certified Innovator Program is a free professional development opportunity. Accepted cohort members must fund their lodging and their way to and from the Google office for that cohort for the three-day event.

What is an Innovation Project and why is it required?

All Certified Innovators will work closely with Google and each other to implement, manage, and document creative education projects. We encourage Innovators to collaborate on projects with other Innovators, and to choose projects that inspire and impact other educators, as well as students in their classrooms.


Where can I download the Certified Innovator Badge?

You cannot present yourself as a Google employee or a leader of the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program. But, we have created a special “Google for Education Certified Innovator” Badge that you can use on your personal emails, websites, documents, and presentations. Remember, the Google for Education Certified Innovator designation applies to you personally, not your school, district, or some other organization. The Google for Education Certified Innovator logo cannot be used to imply Google’s involvement with a school or district’s activities or a partnership with specific organizations.

Can I hold my own Google for Education Certified Innovator Program and certify other educators as Innovators?

No. Only Google can offer a program, host an Academy, and certify educators.

How do I get support from a Googler?

If you have a specific question for a Googler (product, sales, marketing, etc.)? Fill in this Googler Support Request Form and we will reach out on behalf of you to tem and reply if we recieve a response.

How do I sign up to the new Google Chat Rooms?

Fill in this form to sign up to some interesting Rooms you can join just for Innovators to engage in synchronous chats with one another.

How do I find my Innovator Project in the Transformation Center?

You can see the Innovator Project Directory here.