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Yusuke Yoshimura



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One of the challenges many Japanese educators currently face is the sheer amount of work they have to do in schools. For example, at my school, it's not unusual for teachers to accrue over 50 hours of overtime each month. Although work style reform is being promoted throughout Japanese schools, traditional work styles are still stubbornly maintained at my school and district. Reducing this burden is essential to building the foundation needed to address the myriad other challenges schools face. According to the OECD's TALIS survey, Japanese teachers are among the hardest working globally, with their actual teaching hours falling below the international average. Because these educators are busy with classroom management, administrative tasks, and extracurricular activities, they often don't start preparing for the next day's lessons till the evening, around 7 p.m. This leaves little time for preparing engaging lesson plans. This may be only a Japanese style, but we must change this bad environment. I strongly believe that technology can help us, which is why I decided to become a Google Trainer. However, I still feel that I am not good enough as a Trainer. I would like to have more training and become an Innovator. I hope to be competent in making changes in my local area.

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