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Wilian Kamada


SP, Brazil

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In this moment I'm facing and dealing with the following challenge: How can I and others teachers improve the Science and Math teaching using digital tolls (simulators, softwares, plataforms or a static model that has already not been created) that does not require a "super powerfull computer / smartphones" ( be acessible for everyone in school and home) and offers a simple feedback to know if the students are having a meaningful learning. Our reality faces differents situation in the same schools, there are so many students and we have students who does not have a device (computer or smartphone) and teachers who does not how know to use the digital toll or even know how to find it. And when they find it, the toll is for a specific moment and can not be changed to adapt the current situacion of the class or the teacher's goal. The tool should be adapt for any situation and offer the possibility of changes. Most of the currently resources doesn't give a immediate feedback or a result of the whole learning process and teachers want to have the concrete result to know if the students have really learned what they had aimed.

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