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Wendy Peskett


Croydon, Surrey

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Everywhere I visit I meet stressed teachers, it's not confined to one institution. Teaching is a demanding job and it's got harder over the years. I worry about their well-being & capacity to continue to support their students. I've seen teachers breakdown & cry, I've had them tell me they were so stressed by observations that they stayed off work, I've seen them struggling to keep up with the most simple tasks. To cope they stop challenging themselves, instead they reuse whatever they can, they become bored, repetitive and uninspired to try new things. It's a coping mechanism. 1. Teachers should not feel so under pressure that they become ineffective, or work all the hours given and become ill. 2. The students get less than they deserve if their teacher is not performing 100%. They deserve better. 3. Recruitment is difficult - it's better to to keep experienced teachers

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