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Vrushali Bhoite



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My challenge is to support or help Sanskrit language teachers who are struggling with question paper setting due to inadequate resources related to the language available on the internet. Being a state board school, mostly the Sanskrit language teachers in our school find it difficult to set the question paper online due to time consuming, lack of resources etc. Because of these constraints they tend to prefer handwritten hard copies of question papers. During the online classes also they were merely able to use few online resources(references) available. For Lesson planning, PPT presentations, and setting up the question papers they have to rely on hard copies of textbooks as there are limited online resources for Sanskrit for state board schools in India. The Sanskrit language teachers are really willing to use Google Workspace tools because of ease but due to these constraints could not fully utilize it. As a trainer I always suggest various android apps, websites for their work but that too are not completely fulfilling their needs. Especially, when it comes to Sanskrit or other Indian languages, many teachers get tangled up with fonts, installing software and lots of other mess. Hours and hours they struggled with typing in Sanskrit, finding the references online and finally got fed up with it and then switched back to traditional methods. So my challenge is to find a one stop solution for question paper setting in Sanskrit which can save their time and fulfill their needs.

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