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Tsvetelina Patseva-Koleva


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The school I work at, “Chernorizets Hrabar” began to integrate google workspace in classrooms and administration in 2018. All teachers, students and administration have an active account in our domain. We were among the first schools to implement 1:1 motel in high school in 2019, we started with one class and now this model is used in the entire high school. Every student and teacher has a personal chromebook provided by the school. I have been a trainer since January 2022, since then I have trained 20 teachers in my school. 15 of them successfully certified as Google educator level 1, and 5 of them certified for Google educator level 2. I have trained mostly high school teachers. They use Google workspace every day for different tasks. Despite all that we did the last four years there is a big gap between primary school and high school. Primary school teachers do not use Google workspace for education in its full capacity. Colleagues teaching in these classes are prejudiced towards new technologies. They are convinced that implementing technology in teaching can be harmful to children. To their mind the use of technology is nothing but children not writing on paper, not communicating to their teachers and blankly staring at screens. I am aware that primary school can not be a place to implement 1:1 teaching-learning method in the classroom. Also I understand that it is vital for young students to excel in various skills and we may say that digital literacy is not a priority. What is more, they do not use google workspace to enhance their collaboration outside of the classroom.

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