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Tommy Clay


United States

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The challenge I am experiencing is how do we provide Pre-K level resources, training, ongoing communication and support to local community daycare centers and families opting for in-home childcare instead of the local school’s free Pre-K program.  The vast majority of the in-home care and daycare centers are ill equipped to provide the quality or level of instruction to accommodate the acquisition of language skills needed by learners, to successfully transition into Kindergarten upon entering elementary school, leaving them without essential foundational skills and knowledge.  This matters because students' academic gaps begin to increase each year after enrolling in Kindergarten, putting the student at a significant learning disadvantage.   Ideally the school would like all families in the community who plan to enroll their students in the school to enroll in its Pre-K program as well.  As the school continues to educate the students throughout the school years, it gets harder and harder to fill those learning gaps.  What starts as a one year gap in Kindergarten or first grade grows and becomes more complex as learning standards and instruction are tiered.   Providing quality resources and instruction to early learners is vital to their success in school and throughout their grade school academic experience.  This early effort will lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and academic achievement for every student in our community.

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