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Tomas Jansson


Täby, Sweden

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In October 2017, the government adopted a national strategy for digitizing the school system which comes into force 2022. The Government wants the Swedish school system to be a leader in using the possibilities of digitization in the best possible way to achieve a high level of digital competence and to promote knowledge development and equality. Here comes the problem, it´s up to every school/municipality to interpret that plan. There are no central founding and the outcome from this national strategy can lead to big differences depending of the local founding, knowledge and implementation. There are 18 different parts in the strategy and I want to work with some of them. Example: 1. "In all parts of the school system, children and pupils must be given the conditions to develop adequate digital skills" -How should students be able to obtain adequate digital skills when teachers do not? (can´t write further)

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