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Tim Evans


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Over the past 6 months or so, I had planned to attend 5 educational technology conferences, both here in Hong Kong and also in the wider Asia region. I was scheduled to present and lead workshops at 3 of the 5 conferences. As you can imagine, Covid-19 pretty much put all travel on hold... therefore causing the cancellation of these conferences. Although, not a major priority in the grand scheme of the global crisis we find ourselves in, I have missed out on the opportunity to learn, share and connect with other educators in person - as I am sure hundreds of other educators have. We are now faced with the challenge of finding ways to grow and improved professionally, what with the majority of in-person Professional Development being cancelled. PD is being cancelled not only due to travel and social distancing restrictions, but also there is an ongoing global economical crisis, and education is not exempt. Schools do not have the finance to fund such extravagant PD. It is such a shame that this is happening. I feel that due to a world of online/remote learning, there has been so much "raw professional growth." From my experience as an educational technology coordinator, a lot of this growth needs support. Teachers need guidance on how to use the skills they have acquired from having to teach from home, guidance on how to meaningfully integrate these skills into their classroom on their return to classroom. Due to there being a lack of Professional Development opportunities being organised, these "raw skills' may go to waste. This is a challenge that all educators are facing. It is a shame as there is so much growth and knowledge not being shared.

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