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Theresa Ducassoux


Alexandria, VA

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Music teachers are overwhelmed and spread too thin. They teach multiple subjects (instrumental, vocal, general) and grade levels, sometimes in several buildings or from a cart. There are performance expectations from the school and the community which create an interesting balancing act with the curriculum. Extra responsibilities often extend beyond the school day. Some music teachers perform outside of school or teach privately, while others want to but lack the time and energy to do so. Unfortunately, these behaviors and feelings are detrimental to their teaching and well-being. With so much stress, many music teachers are unfocused and not mentally present while teaching. Being “too busy” becomes unproductive and detrimental to creativity. What if there was a way music teachers could better handle these stressors and find balance, so they could be most effective in the classroom? This would be beneficial for many music teachers, and their music students.

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