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Takeshi Komada



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At both the school I work at and GEG Tsu, I have devised a workshop format so that I can further promote education that utilizes ICT, improve school affairs through paperless meetings and workshops, and improve lessons through digital portfolios. while communicating the benefits of using Google Workspace for Education. However, teachers who are not very proficient with information devices are puzzled by these promotions. There are many voices against the promotion of ICT education in the neighboring schools, and the educational field cannot cope with the rapid introduction of ICT. In addition, there are still many class designs in the old-fashioned "chalk and talk" style. There are many voices worrying about. In this way, I feel that the issue in Tsu City, where I live, is an important issue in that it is an issue for Mie Prefecture as well as an issue for the entire country. In other words, the issue I am currently experiencing in education is, "How can we systematically promote educational DX and promote digitalization in the field, while adapting to the developmental stage of the learner?" In particular, I feel that elementary school learners have a problem in terms of "when, what, in what order, and how to promote it systematically."

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