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Susan Grammatico


United States

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I interviewed many of my colleagues, from new teacher to retired teacher. Many pointed to the tides of societal change, family values, and the need for the educational system to keep up with the future demands. The challenge facing education is teacher capacity in the evolving state of education. Veteran teachers are grappling with adapting to the changing needs, behaviors, and values of students. Their struggle is compounded by the challenge of integrating new programs and technology into their teaching, with some traditional practices potentially leading to student disengagement. Meanwhile, new teachers are overwhelmed by the steep learning curve associated with curriculum demands and program implementation, feeling unsupported after their initial training, and lacking strategies for effective teaching and student engagement. Administrators have observed a lack of clarity and focus in Tier 1 whole group instruction and efficiently guiding students through the learning process. Teachers and students alike are stuck in an outdated educational system, distracted, at capacity for learning, seemingly reinventing the old wheel, and caught in a cycle lacking the support to change. Jeffery stood out in my interviews because he is my age, has worked over 20 years in education, and seemed deeply committed to explaining his experience and why he knows school has to change. He is passionate in his desire to learn, collaborate, and evolve to help children learn, grow, and contribute.

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