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Su-jin Lee


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This year, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education distributed digital devices to all 7th grade students called Digital Learning Friends. And this policy is spreading across the country, at the whole school level, such as primary and secondary. However, in many schools, parents' dissatisfaction has increased due to the lack of use of digital devices by teachers and the increase in the amount of time students spend using devices. Also, different schools have different devices and different Mobile Device Management, so everyone is confused. This policy can only be successful if teachers actively use it in their classrooms.Considering the changes in the curriculum expected in Korea, this policy is clearly necessary. Today's students are Digital Natives that Future educator Mark Prensky used the term ‘Digital Natives’ in his book. ‘Digital natives’ actively consider their individuality in the digital world and know how to choose and use what suits them. For them, when digital tools are actively used in the class, the effectiveness of the class will increase. When I teach with digital tools, I have actually seen students increase their interest and concentration So, I want to research how to better inform teachers that using digital devices is a way to increase students' interest, understanding, and concentration. I think that the areas of use of digital tools that teachers can use vary depending on their subject. How can we help many teachers use digital tools in their classrooms? How can we direct them to what content to use according to their curriculum? How might we encourage teachers to use digital teaching and learning tools to help learners as DIGITAL NATIVES?

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