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Stephen Callahan



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Teachers often feel daunted with implementing CS in their classroom. They'll have fun while they do activities with me, but sometimes let me know that they are not sure if their students will be able to carry it out. Also sometimes when I train leaders, they let me know that they get pushback when they go to their schools, as teachers feel afraid to teach something they don't fully understand. One thing that I hav shared with local educators is that CS is in a unique spot in education. It is one of the few subjects in school that weren't in school for the teachers. In other words, every teacher who teaches math learned math in school. That is not the case for CS. There is not a familiarity with it for most teachers. They seem to all agree that it is great for the kids to know, but it can seem like something that other people do. And it is hard to get enough time for teachers to work with it until they feel a high level of competence.

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