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Smita Jain


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I work in a renowned school in Varanasi and there are teachers with rigid mindset of not adopting new strategies to enhance teaching and learning in classrooms. Though I have started google training in school, they have been encouraged again and again to start working on google tools to enhance the teaching and learning of the student but the response from a group is very limited. I am training them to create their own google sites and share their resources but the same response is observed every time. They still think the way they are teaching is correct and have to complete the syllabus in the given time frame whether students understand it or not, it does not matter. They attend the training only to get the PD credits. Some teachers say how can we adopt the same strategies used in schools abroad when we don't have the infrastructure to support them? they fail to realize they have ample resources, it's how to use them effectively that's important. We had many sessions on lesson planning, strategies. The focus was in incorporating activity based learning in classrooms but they insisted this practice should be introduced in the primary classes and not in secondary school, since they don't have time, syllabus has to be covered, and not all topics require activity based learning, which was strange. How do I encourage and support them to explore, learn and apply new strategies and tools in the classroom? At times it is very difficult when they start commenting instead of appraising the effort of the trainer. How do I change their mindset and provide them personalized or differentiated support using education technology? There are professional development courses online and offline but most teachers join them for credits , even if they are free at times.

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