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SJ White


Leeds, United Kingdom

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Since lockdown all our teaching has moved to online. Tasks are being completed but there is a lack of student response to teacher feedback. This matters to me because this may become our way of learning for some time and we need to make sure as educators that we are offering an immersive education where learners make and exceed the levels of progress that we expect. This really matters to me because if this, or a similar approach, is the future of education here in the UK I want to make sure we get it right for my 2 young sons who are just beginning their education. Students are being affected because the tasks that they are completing have become linear and isolated. Student work is being submitted, marked, given feedback and returned. Then the feedback cycle stops, there is minimal student reflection and response. There are few changes made following feedback. Work that requires only minimal improvements to go from a fail to a pass is being left unchanged, meaning students are affected in that they are not making the progress required on the task. This is happening because students are feeling disconnected. We are all feeling disconnected and it is important that we collaborate with our global colleagues who have more experience in online learning to help us understand this disconnect and how we can best overcome it.

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