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Shunya Nagahama



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My challenge is to set the mindset of teachers to challenge themselves to do something they have never experienced before. In particular, I am talking about the mindset in terms of ICT utilization.Japanese teachers have first-rate skills when it comes to simultaneous teaching method. This is because it was necessary to raise children with a certain level of academic ability to "produce things" in order to grow the country's economy.Today's society requires a spirit of challenge to create a greater variety of services, and one of the goals of school education should be to foster a challenging mindset in children. However, I feel that many teachers in Japan today are first-rate in simultaneous teaching method, but many of them have challenges in taking on the challenge of creating classes that incorporate other new educational technologies.For example, the school where I work was still offering online classes until last year. Due in part to the Japanese government's GIGA school initiative, each student was given a Chromebook, and all the teachers were thinking about how they could enhance their online learning.But this year, thankfully, students are able to attend school every day without having to do online classes. In this context, we have seen a dichotomy between teachers who continue to use ICT devices, treating them as equivalent to teaching tools such as notebooks and textbooks, and those who have reverted to their traditional approach and stopped using ICT devices altogether.Essentially, we believe that ICT devices, such as Google applications, are the best materials for inclusive education, inquiry based learning about what they want to learn.I hope that teachers have a challenging mindset, then we can provide a more individualized and inclusive education.

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