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Seyoung Lee


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Everyone in the educational field knows the importance of digital education. In particular, with the outbreak of Covid-19, the government, the Ministry of Education, and schools supported online programs or devices to improve digital competency for teachers and professors who conduct online classes. The instructors learned from Google Educator Group, teachers’ voluntary learning organizations, and also themselves. With these supports, several cases and studies have shown that teachers who are adult learners have improved their digital literacy skills and those skills are very beneficial. I learned about the difficulties that local communities and education centers face with lecturing digital literacy to adult learners who practice lifelong education. 120 students from Cyber Universities create and operate programs that are suitable for learners from children to the elderly in their local areas, such as children's centers, youth centers, senior welfare centers, and various communities. Those students had various difficulties in conducting online classes due to Covid-19. Unlike schools, they could not receive support from the government or the Ministry of Education. It was difficult to conduct online classes due to ignorance of using ICT or digital tools. Throughout the class, I introduced various examples that can help learners collaborate and interact by using Google's tools in the educational field. The students were very surprised at the online interaction and cooperation using digital tools. However, the students were not confident enough to utilize the tools. The K-12 students learn and utilize digital devices quickly. Although, most adult learners find it challenging to learn digital tools, especially the elderly. It is difficult for local communities, educational programs, and centers to receive support from digital tools, devices, and digital education. They do not have equal opportunities as schools that are supported by the government and the Ministry of Education for digital education and are excluded.

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