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Sarah Lee


South Korea

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As a teacher in a public elementary school in South Korea, I am working to implement Google Workspace in educational activities and create a school culture that actively utilizes it. While many teachers are interested and using technology to bring about change in their classrooms, there are also those who are not actively engaged in the process. These teachers are not lazy or apathetic. They are simply accustomed to the traditional teaching methods they have used for years. They perceive traditional methods as faster and more efficient than adopting and implementing new ones. As a colleague, I respect their domain and authority, and I know I cannot force them to adopt a particular approach. However, some changes, such as the use of Google tools in the curriculum and school work, require the participation of all community members. Additionally, I believe that students need to learn how to handle and use digital tools. Therefore, I hope that even teachers who prefer traditional methods will participate, at least partially, in technology-driven change. So, the chanllenge of mine is this: How can I induce change from teachers who adhere to traditional teaching methods?

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