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Sarah Kiefer


Harrison, Ohio, USA

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I see many challenges in education and big or small, they ALL matter to me. You see, I am split between two buildings as a Technology Integration Specialist, and support both students and staff. I asked 25 educators what is challenging THEM. Reading through the responses, some weren’t surprising, but several were! I immediately began brainstorming solutions and felt overwhelmed. I know as hard as I try, I cannot provide everything for them. This survey and a discussion with my curriculum director, I realize MY challenge is to improve teacher efficacy - their belief THEY can make a difference. How can I encourage and empower teachers to not just see challenges, but to find and attempt strategies best suited to their “now”? Empowering teachers will ultimately empower students. THAT’S WHY IT MATTERS. Empowered teachers with empowered students will make good change happen. And then, we all benefit.

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