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Sanchita Ghosh


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In India, there is only one educator for 169 Children With Special Needs. 10% of school going children have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities. This number may be much higher since in much of the country there is very low awareness or unwillingness to get children assessed, due to the social stigma still attached to learning disabilities. So the challenge is to help teachers, in schools without a special ed centre, to meet the learning needs of CWSN in the mainstream classroom. The number of students needing special education support is steadily increasing and schools are not able to keep up with this increasing demand. As a result, most classrooms have increasing numbers of CWSN while teachers remain ill-equipped to provide support to them. This often leads to the needs of these children to be overlooked, they may be labelled and judged, leading to loss of self esteem and self value. This challenge is important to me because I think every child deserves an education which is best suited to his/her needs and aspirations. They deserve to be happy in the classrooms and feel valued members of the school community.

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