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Ryan Evans


Llanllwch, Carmarthen, United Kingdom

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As a former Head of Faculty at a Special Needs Residential School, I am extremely passionate about facilitating access for EVERY pupil to curriculums that engage and inspire. There is a constant theme that I witness throughout schools locally, regionally, nationally and globally that staff "don't know what they don't know". In Wales alone, 1 in 4 pupils are classed as having additional learning needs. The new Welsh curriculum in particular but every curriculum aims to develop ambitious, capable learners, that prepares them for the learning they will face throughout the rest of their lives. In this day and age, digital literacy is a necessity in the modern workplace, whilst the role of technology is vital to everyday operations. This need to develop digital literacy from a young age applies to all, including those learners with Additional Learning Needs. As educators, it is our duty to be aware of the countless applications and tools available to support their learning and development, securing equal opportunities for all. Learners with disabilities such as those that include limited sensory perception, reading, writing and mobility may face obstacles upon beginning their careers. With the right guidance whilst in education, these pupils can equip themselves with an effective toolkit of technologies in order to conquer limitations. Therefore, ensuring a brighter future and a wealth of opportunities when it’s time to enter the world of work. However, in my own personal experiences as a teacher and as an inclusion technologist, learners with specific learning needs very rarely have the best support they need to ensure full access to their curriculums that would develop skills that would allow them to thrive in their futures.

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