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Roshan Kolar Ganeshan


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The challenge I’m currently facing is participation from teachers in using technology in the classroom. I work for a Higher Education Institution and we teach students in the age group of 20-40. The majority of our students use the LMS and the college app on their phones, tabs, and laptops. The management policies advocate the use of technology in the class - which would require teachers to use technology to help them explain concepts and students to use technology during activities. There are a handful of teachers who do this, while the others label it as ‘extra work’. The challenge for me is to find solutions that are easy to use, that are instrumental in knowledge retention (by touching base on 21st-century skills), and coach the teacher in a way that they don’t think of using technology in the classroom as ‘extra work’. This is not just a challenge I face, it’s with most of my colleagues in this line of work. The idea here is to make training fun and experiential for teachers so that they can try the technology instead of taking ideas and best practices from a slideshow. The challenge also exists in ensuring the teacher goes back and tries it in the class and does not give up after a few tries. The crux of the issue is also in what exactly the teacher need - is it something that would require 1:1 training rather than group training? How can this work out when we have close to 100 teachers on campus? How do we eventually ensure students are getting the kind of classroom experience that is expected from us? How do you measure teacher satisfaction and student engagement?

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