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Rob Ashcroft


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Our [elementary] school is currently involved in a 2-year whole-school professional development programme. We are simultaneously upskilling our own knowledge in Te reo Māori and Te ao Māori (the language and world view of our indigenous peoples of New Zealand) and implementing teaching and learning programmes for our students. The goal is for there to be at least three hours per week of Māori education embedded within every classroom's regular learning routines. The challenge being faced is how do we best support our educators to successfully retain their own new knowledge AND support their own students in this new learning. Furthermore, how can we sustain this over time, knowing that this is a longterm goal and we may have new staff begin and need to access the same PLD that others are currently involved in. In short: How might we deliver [our Māori] professional learning and organisational change successfully to benefit our learners, and sustain this longterm?

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