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Ritika Tyagi


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Schools in India were deeply impacted by the global pandemic. Teachers required training in adapting to new styles of teaching. Though they managed to move their classes online. But, most teachers in India were not used to technology. They believed in traditional approaches and were concerned more about marks. Our country is still under lockdown and schools are shut. There still remain a number of emerging challenges and concerns, ranging from the lack of availability of smartphones, low internet bandwidth, discomfort with a new format, and most importantly, the disengagement of teachers during training. Our 75% population lives in small cities and rural India where usage of technology in classroom is a challenge. India houses 430 million children in the age group of 0-18 years with a considerable number of students residing in rural settings. The status of education in the rustic villages of India is deplorable, evidently. Though government has taken several initiatives in order to elevate the level of education via technology in rural villages but there is still a long way to go.

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