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Richard Vickers


Beverley, East Yorkshire

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If I am selected to participate in the Innovator Programme, the challenge I would aim to solve is facilitating a fail fast/learn better approach to learning, an iterative process that rewards enquiry and innovation over the perfect end result. In a metrics-based world, increasingly (and unsurprisingly) students are obsessed with the final assessment grade for any work they produce as part of their studies. Their fixation is on the end result and not the process or journey, often the first question I get asked by a student is; “How do I get the highest mark for this?”. I feel that this stifles creativity, experimentation and any element of risk taking. Risk of failure is perceived as the antithesis of learning in the 21st century, when it should be something we encourage and embrace. As educators we should develop a fail fast/learn better framework to empower the next generation of innovators.

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