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Rachel Dunne


Kingston, Surrey

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Student resilience, effort and progress at school are influenced by their mindset: fixed or growth (Carol.Dweck). Children with fixed mindsets believe their intelligence cannot be significantly changed and regardless of their grades, don’t push themselves out of their comfort-zone to avoid failure. Conversely, students with growth mindsets have the lens of Thomas Edison or J.K.Rowling; they don't let setbacks stop them, rather they embrace mistakes, take risks and learn through failure. In a survey I conducted recently of 400+ students, 48% feel embarrassed when they make a mistake in class, 38% strongly dislike receiving critical/constructive feedback and 28% give up in lessons they feel are 'too difficult'. Of these, majority are girls and pupil-premium-children. Children are more susceptible to developing fixed mindsets as they move through primary school, accordingly, we NEED TO ACT NOW to diminish societal gaps and stop negative impacts of fixed mindsets on future generations of life-long-learners.

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