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Przemysław Szlagor


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A few weeks ago I finished writing a math textbook for my students in grades 4-8 of primary school. I work in a bilingual school, so I had to compile a textbook with tasks in both Polish and English. To create the textbook, I used only Google tools - I combined the mathematical theory in Google Slides and the practical part, i.e. mathematical tasks in Google Docs. Smart Chips came in very handy, thanks to which the manual looks very clear. I have been interested in Python programming for a long time. For the last year, I have been teaching programming in this language, working only on Chromebooks. We used Google Colaboratory during the class. After completing the textbook, I had the idea to combine Google Docs and Colaboratory so that students could flexibly use Python in their maths class and simulate probability calculations, for example. In Colaboratory, using the Python language, you can present data in a graphical form on diagrams and charts, thanks to which the combination of tasks and their solutions would be extremely attractive. I would like to develop and describe a comprehensive solution that could be used by any mathematics teacher in Poland.

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