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Pitipong Lawongsa


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We focus too much on academic skill and result and unsuccessfully connect them to life skill. Personally, this idea is spread out to every countries, not only Thailand. We always admire the people who graduated first class honor and imagine they will success everything perfectly in their lives without any mistakes and our family will do everything to be like them. Back to reality, it's not true. I know the man with first class honor but doesn't know how to earn money for living. Another one is MBA graduate but cannot even starts his own local business nowaday and the fisrt class honor machanical engineer who has been unemployed for 3 years after graduated and has to help his family to run noodle shop now. The mentioned people are just the ones I personally know them but I am quite sure that there are more like these out there. It seems that they were very sucessful in academic perspectives but cannot apply them to real life at all. Why? Because they only focus on lessons in textbooks, do the exercises in the practice books and pass the exam on the paper getting the highest score as they can do, no itme to do something else, then they can be called the sucessful people. This is not a good mind set. Only academic skill, we cannot survive in this world now and then.

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