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Pete Dunford


Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

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Since I started teaching, I've noticed that the vast majority of learners fail to complete, or they put minimal effort into, work that doesn't obviously contribute to the final grade of their module or qualification. This is usually accompanied by a 'what's the point of it?' attitude. I've tried changing what they are being asked to do; I've tried explaining how their final grade can be bolstered by actually learning the subject before attempting final assignments; I've tried sanctions for non-completion in line with my College's policies. However, none of these has had any noticeable impact on the students. I would love to explore this problem in more detail. I genuinely believe that if learners fully engaged with the learning process then they would gain so much more from their chosen course - both in terms of their knowledge and understanding, and in terms of the final grade they receive.

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