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Nur Afiqah Suhaimi


Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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My students just discovered online confession groups resulting into two groups under our school name. Some students shared about how they thought the canteen can be better (this is fine) but there are students who condemned teachers for their(students') mistakes. While the posts are anonymous, those reacting to the posts are not. This matters because my students will want to find jobs in the future; whether they realize it or not, their digital footprints are also being considered for certain jobs. Their mistakes made now can cost them their future. I don't want them to start rumours just to get acknowledgment on social media. I don't want them to believe in the false sense of security behind anonymous postings. I don't want students to lose the ability to distinguish between opinions and facts. Right now, my students don't realize that they can cause harm to people with their posts online.

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