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Norberto Cuartero


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As a result of the pandemic, distance learning has grown exponentially and many students choose it when studying a degree or a master's degree. One of the biggest problems we have in this kind of teaching is the low level of attendance at live classes. The profile of the students is very varied, we have young people who have just finished high school and are starting their university life, but we also have professionals who work actively and want to continue training in certain aspects. Teachers offer varied schedules, mornings, afternoons and evenings, so that at least all students can attend 50% of the classes. In addition, these are announced in advance so students manage their agenda. Nonetheless, in subjects with more than 100 students enrolled, you can find yourself in class with just 10 of them if you are lucky... In class, bonds of union are established, collaboration is encouraged, challenges are set, doubts are answered and practices are done while receives feedback from the teacher and other classmates. Why then this low level of attendance? Why have more than 50% of students not attended any live classes? What are their reasons? What are we doing wrong so that students do not make the effort to attend classes live? I really want to dig into this problem and find a solution. I want my classes filled with students working and helping each other!

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