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Nikki Lavergne



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The challenge I am currently experiencing in my district is the lack of community and parent communication/engagement in a virtual education atmosphere. Currently, our state is in Phase 2 of the Covid-19 response and many districts will be starting the year virtually, or only allowing students to attend 2-3 days a week. With virtual or limited interaction, the isolation many of these families are currently feeling will only increase with the added stress and frustration of lack of childcare, struggles with school work, and access issues. While many districts in other parts of the country have easy access to internet, that is not the case in our rural district. Many students have no access to wireless internet, and cell service is also minimal. Families will be forced to use "drive up access" at different schools or businesses. Because of this, these families will continue to become more and more isolated from the school community. While I cannot fix the issues of connectivity, I would like to explore ideas as to how to increase community/parent involvement while school is in a limited capacity.

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