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Nicholas Wilson


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As a member of the Digital Transformation Committee, I've seen teachers introduce digital tools into their lessons, but simply substitute them for what they have done in the past without understanding how to innovate, to reach the second goal of the GIGA (Global and Innovation Gateway for All) School Program. It is an initiative sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Education that aims not only to the digitalization of schools, but also to stretch teachers' thinking as they apply digital tools in meaningful contexts rather than replacement of old tools, and turn students into members of a global society. Teachers used to traditional models of instruction expressed that they were thrust into a new dynamic without sufficient guidance from a Ministry of Education struggling to pivot during a crisis. Upon research and reflection, I have realized that there is actually no guidance for teachers on how to do this at the district level. It is a mind shift, and I have found that teachers have not been empowered to be independent and re-imagining teaching. This is a huge challenge and teachers feel lost in how to do this: how to create learning opportunities that are equitable, tailored to individual needs, and enable creativity. (Japan Ministry of Education). Teachers want to feel empowered, confident, and excited about creating new learning opportunities for students to develop cognitive and metacognitive skills, creative thinking, social and emotional skills and grow as socially and emotionally competent members of a global society. This is a challenge that will impact teachers in helping foster confident, empathetic, and resilient students.

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