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Neeraj Gupta


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I am a Maths educator, teaching for more than 20 years. I work in the Government school of Delhi which is centrally managed by the Directorate of Education(DoE), Delhi Govt. The DoE also hosts more than 1000 schools in Delhi. Apart from being a master's in Computer Applications, I am passionate about using technology in education. I believe that the use of technology provides more learning opportunities and personalized learning experiences to the students. From my past experiences, I have also found that it gives a voice to shy students. It also increases the productivity of educators, administrators and managers In my government school, students come from underprivileged backgrounds and have limited resources at home in terms of digital resources. Most of the teachers are on the Government's permanent payroll. There are plenty of Chromebooks (100+) along with a separate computer lab with proper wifi connections. School also has Google Workspace for Education domain provided by the DoE. What I find in the school is that after having so many resources the peer educators are not utilizing them and consequently students are not able to get the benefit of Google Workspace. Common reasons like "I don't know how to use it", "I have no time", "reluctance for accepting change", and "the mindset that technology will create an extra burden" can also be heard here too. But apart from all this, what frustrates me is that there is no evident proof that showcases that Google tools improved performance in my DoE Government school scenario. (Which can act as a driving force to adopt it) My challenge is how can I provide quantifiable proof that Google tools benefitted our students in their learning and encourage educators to use these tools for enhancing teaching and learning so that students get their full benefit.

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