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Nadine Gilkison


Greenfield, Indiana, USA

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As an educator and parent of two dyslexic children, I lay awake at night thinking about what can be done for my kids and the other students in the upper grades like them. I have the means to help my own kids outside of school, but how do parents of low income and/or language barriers face this challenge? Forty-Six states within the U.S. have recently created or have begun developing laws to help identify students in lower grades with dyslexia. While this is a start in the right direction, students in the upper elementary and secondary grades face a significant challenge with their education. Couple the issue with social, emotional and/or high poverty and the cards are stacked against you. This challenge matters because it impacts graduation drop out, as well as, incarceration rates. My hope is that this opportunity can help impact millions of students and families with dyslexia.

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