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Mmamotlhabi Tlailane


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The Primary School section of our school is going through a major change and will be transitioning from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) this school year. As the Primary School Technology Integrator, I know my role will be instrumental in making this transition successful as I help teachers embrace technology and empower them to teach students how to use technological tools in their units of inquiry. For Inquiry learning to happen, teachers need time to effectively collaborate. With the growth of the school and the transition of curriculums, best practices are not being shared, collaboration is not happening and everyone seems to be treading water alone. Another challenge I have noticed is that due to the International Profile of our school and the post-pandemic migration, we have had an increased number of international families joining our school. This has led to an increased amount of new to English students and families in our Primary School. To facilitate inquiry learning, New to English learners are often left behind as they struggle with the language barrier. It becomes increasingly important for Language Acquisition, homeroom, and other specialist teachers to collaborate effectively, share best practices and communicate to ensure that all our students are included, learning is differentiated, and all our students receive equal opportunities to share and practice new skills and learning. I believe that technology will help us solve the change we are currently facing as a Primary school and aid in a smoother and organic solution.

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