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I travel to many different places to train teachers and teach them to utilize different ICT skills. I always heard some teachers whose knowledge about ICT integration is not enough to answer the standard of the education system especially when it comes to integration across and within the curriculum. One of the standards in assessing the performance of the teachers is how they prepare instructional materials with ICT integration and how they present them to their students. For example when they are answering activities, reading materials, supplementary activities, and other materials that are suited to hybrid and in-person learning. Based on the IPPD or individual plan for professional development every school teacher must learn new trends in technology, and attend or conduct different ICT training that will help them to learn the trend in education so they can prepare their student and answer the call of 21st-century skills. How I can help the school or even the district to craft a training design based on the needs that fit the result of the IPPD or individual plan for professional development? And based on the needs how can I personalize the training design based on the needs of the individual? What are the methods, strategies, and ways forward I can give in order to aid the Gap in having training in ICT? What are the tools I can share? In vice-versa, how I can also help to prepare the student in adopting the new technology. This is the problem I want to address in the innovators' academy.

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