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Mi-jung Ji


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In the Korean curriculum, education is clearly aimed at developing competency. However, this competency education is not well implemented in the educational field. This is because classes are often centered on the contents in textbooks. Education in Korea was somewhat far from competency education emphasized in <OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 Project>, and Korea's educational competitiveness is on the decline. Still, what was hopeful was that as the importance of curriculum restructuring was highlighted, project classes through reconstruction were spreading like a trend. In this situation, classes using various edutech apps came in like a flood due to COVID-19, and many teachers had a hard three years, and it was a dark period of competency education. With remote classes over, did Korea's education return to the situation before COVID-19? No. Along with the explosive use of the EduTech app, the classroom environment is rapidly changing to a one-person, one-device environment, and with many teachers struggling to keep up with the change, reorganizing the curriculum has become more difficult. And teachers who are afraid of such changes are moving to lower grades, which use relatively little devices, and in severe cases, they leave the teaching profession. In order to reorganize the curriculum and bloom the teacher's ability to design the curriculum, it is very important to control the environment in which the teacher is present. However, in classrooms reorganized with various edutech apps and devices, teachers are in a difficult situation to keep up with changes. How can <<OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 project> be implemented using the device that came into the classroom with the introduction of EduTech? What kind of road map can you suggest for teachers who are starting now?

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