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Melissa Summerford



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It’s the beginning of the school year and I assign a Google Slide called “All About Me” through Google Classroom. I’m thinking this is going to be so exciting because it’s a great way to get to know my students. I know everything will go smoothly and the kids are going to love it! Wrong! Mass hysteria breaks out and I’m running around the classroom helping students log in, turn on the computers, and find Google Classroom under the grey waffle. Fifteen minutes later, everyone is finally in google classroom but I have lost the attention of some because the sitting and waiting has caused them to get off task. We get into slides but most have no clue where to begin, hands fly up, and the struggles start all over. What’s happening here? I thought students had been exposed to these tools because they are given devices starting in kindergarten. My lesson was a disaster, and now I’m not sure if I ever want to do or attempt that again. Most teachers experience this type of environment all the time. Some teachers ditch technology while others push through the challenges Those teachers who give up on technology tools widen the digital divide for their students and it creates an uneven playing field for the students.

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