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Maulana Ayub


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Creativity is developed from the right learning process, not from curriculum material. So now it depends on how the teacher creates a learning process in the classroom where children can ask questions, examine, and create. Developing creative and innovative students is one of the challenges that I face in my school. Their creativity related to technology is a greater challenge. Why so? Because students at my school learn as many as 12 subjects, and they have to work on the project for every subject. The problem is, working on 12 projects does spend a lot of time both for students and teachers. The big challenges are not only the time consumption, but also poor IT infrastructure, namely internet connectivity and its structure at school. For students, they need to spend a lot of time working on projects and for teachers, they spend too much time to assess student projects. Many projects are good but take them time. The teachers and I, want to see students become very creative in working on their projects. I need students who are able to make ideas, innovate and be fun at the same time. And all they need is the time, opportunity, and freedom to think, create, and certainly innovate

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