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Masafumi Miyagishima



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I propose specific ways to use ICT at school, put them into practice, and take on the challenge of becoming a presence that can be spread to other teachers and the school as a whole. In particular, we are looking for ways to use ICT in mathematics education. Unfortunately, the importance of ICT education is not fully shared in Japanese high schools. For example, some teachers have an outdated educational view that computers and smartphones are unnecessary for studying. Some teachers are aware of the importance of ICT education, but because there is no one to teach them, they are unable to take the first step and change from conventional analog and inefficient school affairs and educational activities. However, for students, ICT utilization is a necessary skill to live in society, and for teachers, it is an effective skill to relieve busyness and provide optimal education for each student. There are trainings and books about ICT in the world, but teachers in the field are just doing the work they have now, and it is difficult to try out new tools and methods. In the first place, many teachers are unfamiliar with ICT because the age group of teachers is high. That is why I believe that young teachers like myself, who are good at ICT, should lead other teachers to use ICT in their education.

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