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Martina Soomro


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In the schools of Malmö, we have access to fantastic digital tools in Google Workspace for Education. However, I am often struck by the fact that few people know how to use these tools in a more developed way and how, with the help of a few, but powerful, digital tool,s can vary the teaching for our students in so many ways. Teachers in my schools district are not using the tools in a way that gives students the possibility of learning as it best suits them. Unfortunately teachers don't have time and are not compensated to prioritise knowing and to expand their knowledge on how to individualise students' learning by maximising the use of digital tools. The teachers are not able to focus enough on how the students will be able to benefit from the tools' full potential in their learning. They are not able to fully handle the digital tools that are available in their school district and they do not understand how to select specific tools for different purposes. So unfortunately some of these Google tools are not being used to a sufficiently high extent in our Google domain. I'm mainly thinking of Google Forms and Google Presentations, that can be used for far more things than just being a survey tool or a presentation tool, but there are other tools that should be used to a higher extent. Teachers and students are not learning from each other and deepening their knowledge together so that they can transform tne analog teaching and learning methods into digital in order to include all students. The understanding of how to select specific tools for different purposes is not widely spread and therefore the students do not indirectly learn to do the same and their digital maturity is not being developed.

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