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Maggie Regan


Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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I have had several opportunities to attend Google for Higher Education events were I learned different tips and tricks for GSuite and other Google apps. I was able to apply what I learned to my work to be more efficient. Most of our faculty, staff and students do not get these opportunities and are too busy to attend a professional development session. Or they think the tools or features are too advanced for them. When they do have a minute to try something new or find a way to improve a task or process they don’t know where to look for resources or help. It is important for faculty, staff and students to be able to improve their use of tools and find innovative ways to use them. For example at our university we heavily use GSuite, but not everyone knows the full capacity of the tool such as appointment slots. I want to share tips and tricks that will help faculty, staff and students improve productivity, collaborate across different groups and make an impact. How can we share resources that will actually be utilized and best communicate features and updates of G Suite?

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