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Luke Craig


London, UK

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I love teaching in the diverse and dynamic London borough of Newham. But sadly, 43% of children here live in poverty (End Child Poverty, 2018). My students are bursting with potential, but The Education Policy Institute (2017) warns that by the end of secondary school disadvantaged pupils will be on average 2 full academic years behind their peers. In my experience, one contributory factor is that less affluent households have fewer books available at home and struggling parents are less likely/able to read with children on a regular basis. I am an unapologetic bookworm and love reading everything from novels to non-fiction. It is wrong that so many children who face multiple layers of deprivation miss out on the joys and benefits of reading. So I want to find ways to equip and enthuse more disadvantaged children to close the attainment gap by reading for pleasure.

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