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Lorenzo Redaelli


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From when I started teaching, I always had the impression that some students are not motivated enough because they think that some subjects are just too hard for them, or because they feel overwhelmed or not enough good at study. I struggled a lot to understand what is causing this kind of behavior and started studying psychology. Then, last year I came across the studies of Carol Dweck about fixed and growth mindset and I finally started understanding how I can help my students to improve their learning outcomes. According to these studies, people with a fixed mindset think talent is something innate, not changeable, no matter how much they can try, they cannot be as good as a talented born person. People with a growth mindset, instead, think they can always improve and take failures as an opportunity to growth. I noticed that many students don’t even participate to class discussion just because they are scared to be wrong. I wrote an article on my blog about mindset in education: Well, now I know that talent is not something innate, that a person can work harder to reach a goal, can learn from failures and become better and better. I think this challenge doesn’t just matter in education, I think it is central. If we can find a way to change the mindset of our student, to let them understand they can improve more and more, we can have better students and happier citizens. Honestly, the studies on mindset are too young, they say it is possible to change the mindset but they don’t say how, I don’t really think none thought about a tool or a strategy to make it, that’s why I believe this challenge is a completely new area to explore in education.

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