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Lily Novita Mudjianto


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Creating students who are creative and innovative is one of the challenges that i have here in my school in Indonesia. Their creativity which are technologically related is but of a greater challenge. Why is that so? Because students in my school learn many subjects in school, like 12 subjects, and for all these 12 subjects, they have to do projects. The problem is that doing 12 projects does consume a lot of time for both students and teachers. not only the consumption of time that matters, but also the poor IT Infrastructure, which is the Internet Connectivity and its structure that really is a big problem. For students, they need to spend a huge amount of time doing the projects and for teachers they spend too much time grading these many projects. A lot of the projects are good but time consuming, while others are still using infraboard, colour pencils and crayons to do it. Teachers on the other hand, spent too much time looking into all the projects done by the students. Due to the long hours of grading projects, teachers tend to be lazy and just give the scores as they wished to the students. The students' creativity is surpressed and they cannot have that freedom to stop, think and innovate what is essential for their lives later on in life. As a principal, I would want to see students being very creative in doing their projects. I need students who are able to ideate, innovate and still have fun at the same time. And all they need is just time, chance and freedom to think and create.

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