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Lesleigh Altmann


South West Rocks, NSW, Australia

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Technology is an obvious choice for students to make their thinking visible to themselves, their peers and their teacher, yet technology is noticeably missing from this learning framework. Researching over the past few weeks helped identify issues preventing teachers from using technology to support learning and make thinking visible. 'Technology' was seen by many teachers as an 'extra' component, a barrier and a threat in an already crowded curriculum. More research uncovered a modern adaptation disorder called "technostress" where teachers fail to cope as a result of ever increasing introduction of new technologies. Technostress along with the fear of being exposed as a ‘tech-novice’ combined into a potent mix where teachers strongly resisted technology. It was like peeling onion layers - with tears! It’s so important that teachers are supported to build ‘techno-resilience’ to develop opportunities for students to develop 21st Century skills to make their thinking visible with technology.

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