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Lauren Heil


Englewood, Colorado, USA

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Schools are more dedicated than ever to incorporate technology into every aspect of their community. Educational technology is the key to success in the 21st century. However, this sudden shift has created new challenges. Visual techniques once required for printed materials don’t always translate when we switch to learning via screen. Nearly every industry has tackled this design dilemma… except education. Outside of the classroom, students interact with various virtual experiences that are designed for the user. A designer’s purpose is to focus solely on how users experience their client’s product. Meanwhile, teachers are without those design skills. Just like a designer, teachers are spending a great deal of time creating digital materials. The difference? The teacher’s “client” has their education at stake. The designer knows how to guide the eye, captivate, enhance comprehension and craft a positive experience. Poor material design prevents access, and doesn’t allow learning for ALL.

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