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Kyung wook Kang



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I think the biggest challenge in South Korea's education system right now is "resistance." We're in an era of digital transformation, and there's a lot of talk about how to use edtech and AI in education. Many teachers are trying to use digital tools to teach or make their work more efficient. But, most teachers still strongly resist this shift, making it hard to improve the quality of education. This resistance among teachers and other education professionals ranges from not caring about digital education to outright refusing to change and even severe conflict. Teachers leading the charge in digital education are working hard to change this attitude, but it feels like progress is stuck. This "resistance" is a major problem in our country's education, blocking the improvement of educational quality. Because of this difficulty, teachers who want to lead and innovate are getting discouraged and start to just go along with the resistance to change. So, overcoming this "resistance" is a critical challenge that needs to be addressed for the betterment of education quality.

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